With todays soaring fuel prices everyone is looking to save money on fuel, and for those with diesel engines the news is good. Fit a Tunit Chip

The Tunit Chip, is an interactive computer that exploits the potential of the modern diesel engine. Individual programming & re-mapping of the vehicle injection signals, enables this simple to fit device to increase KW power by up t 25% & torque up to 35%. This extra power improves the drive & the overall performance. As it is fitted externally to your vehicles ECU, the unit is easily transferable when changing vehicles. It can be individually tuned to each vehicle by a simple manual adjustment allowing optimum performance which equated to optimum fuel economy.

The Tunit Chip, when fitted with a larger capacity exhaust system ( we use and recommend Taipan XP) you get a dramatic improvement of low rpm torque whilst adding impressive power across the entire rpm range, from acceleration to towing.

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