Todays 4x4s, with their low drag coefficients and safety features, require greater light output with increasing restrictions on space and weight.

Foul weather, night driving and the impending hazard of stray animals all demand the need for a clear view of the road. To counter the limitations of standard vehicle lighting.

The three standout players in todays modern aftermarket automotive lighting market are, IPF by Arb, Hella, and Lightforce, all of which are displayed in our showroom.

These Manufacterers have become experts in delivering outstanding quality, durability and performance. By focussing light properly in front of the vehicle, IPF, Hella and Lightforce lights, actually increase visible range, improving your ability to react and reducing driver fatigue.

So, if you’re a keen 4wder or just driving around this great land, let the team at The 4wd Service Centre help you chose a light combination that’s right for your application

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