Black Widow drawers are manufactured from galvanised steel and they offer you a lifetime warranty,they come equipped with drawer dividers to keep your goods seperate, and you will be amazed at how much extra room is achieved with just a huge flat floor, and storage compartments around the wheel arches. You can opt for built in fridge slides, add on tables, cargo barriers and numerous configurations to suit your needs. They also have a unique interchangeable wing & side contour kit, that you can purchase at a small cost when you change cars.

We also use and highly recommend Draw systems which are custom designed and built by our long time parters “The department of the interior”.

For the past twenty five years we have been supplying & fitting cargo storage drawer systems for most offroad vehicles. These systems allow you to keep your cargo area well organised, how often have you said to yourself “why did I put that at the bottom, I’ve got to move everything to get at it ?” From now on just roll out the drawer and you have trouble free access to all your gear.