What is a Dual Battery System, and why do I Need One?

To put it simply, a dual battery system will allow you to power additional accessories without the risk of flattening the main battery.

To accomplish this u need 3 things;

  • An auxillary battery tray
  • Another battery
  • An isolator to link both battery together.

Before electronic dual battery systems evolved, there were only 2 choices for battery charging & isolation, Manual or Solenoid and Diode. With the advent of the Piranha electronic isolator the older two have been left behind in the way of techonology and we have chosen to use these as they have a one way flow i, charging the main battery first then the auxillary battery. They are current limiting, easy to install with less joints to cause problems. They do not interfere with existing vehicle wiring, and they have spike & surge protection. With a vehicle specific battery tray, the right amp hour battery for your needs & power outlets in the rear you are ready to roll.

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